Community Policy

We believe that our corporate responsibility goes beyond our proprietary borders and we attempt to
cooperate with our neighbors, our suppliers, stakeholders and employment to develop our business in a
sustainable mode.
In order to achieve a better and a more sustainable environment inside the company, we have to take
under consideration our Local Community and how we can help from our position.


KEFALOS HOTELS together with the purchasing department will seek products and services of local origin
and that are environmentally benign.
Cooperation with suppliers who have compatible policies for managing their impact on the environment
and also be certified and meet all legislative requirements.
We use the best available quality products, materials and external services in accordance with
professional standards of the hotel and the expected value from the customer.


The company will choose to hire local people whenever possible. We, at the KEFALOS HOTELS recognize
the importance of having local employment in the hotel.
Our success will be determined on a yearly basis with a commitment to improve. Furthermore, the
company will not only meet existing employment laws and regulations, but go beyond the status quo and
seek techniques and approaches that position us ahead of our competition.

Social Work

KEFALOS HOTELS LIMITED knows that we all have to work together in order to achieve our goals. Having
this in mind we have to take actions that concern the wider community.
All staff are encouraged and supported when opportunities arise to support organizations offering help
and advice in the Community of Cyprus.
In order to help local associations, institutions and individuals, KEFALOS HOTELS offers equipment such
as furniture and clothing and linen that is no longer necessary following renovation.
Kefalos Beach has created an account in the Local Blood Bank, in cooperation with the hospital and every
year a Blood Donation is taking place in the premises of the hotel.