Community Policy

Kefalos Hotels, operating in hospitality industry and offering hotel services would like to
contribute positive at the health and safety of their staff, cooperators and guests. To ensure and
maintain a safety environment the hotels are taking the necessary measures for:

• Continuous preventions of accidents and work diseases,
• Promoting the health, safety and wellbeing of their staff and their residents who are
affected from the operation of hotels

To achieve the above goals, the hotels are implementing a health and safety system which ensures:

1. The compliance with the legal requirements of the health and safety labor law of 1996 till 2015
and the regulations that are issued based on them
2. The written occupational assessment of risk for works that take place at the hotels’ grounds
3. Programming and taking all necessary precautions to eliminate(if possible) or to minimize the
danger in acceptable levels
4. The available sources to solve problems associated with health and safety
5. The participation of all employees for the successful and effective operation of the system
6. The allocation of roles and responsibilities to the employees based on their position in regards
to health and safety matters
7. The education and training of employees in general and specific issues related to health and
8. The operation of health and safety committee
9. The implementation of emergency action plans
10. The observation of the operation of the health and safety system and the adjustment for
improving its performance

The management of the hotels declares its commitment to the effective operation of the system as
stated above